Friday, November 20, 2009

Bread box is done, plus...

I finished up the bread box makeover yesterday. Sorry the pics are so bad, that isn't pink or orange, it's actually a red undercoat, but it didn't photograph well. I won't be using it for its intended purpose, but instead for a place to throw the mail or school papers before they can be filed or thrown away.

And my 3rd grader came home telling me that the janitor accidentally broke their marble jar at school.(they earn marbles and when it gets full, the class gets a reward) So he wanted to be nice to his teacher and surprise her by bringing in a new jar. Of course, I couldn't just send in a plain glass jar, I had to make a little sleeve for it....

And hubby cut me a cat hole! I was tired of having to leave the basement door open for the cat to get to her litter box. So now she has her own little passage way and I'm much happier being able to shut the door :)
Still need to use some wood filler on the corners and paint it, but at least it's functional right now.
And have I mentioned how much I hate the tile flooring in my kitchen?!?! It is so cold and uninviting. But I talked to my dad this morning and he said that he can tear it up for me and replace it all with big pine flooring. So, hopefully, maybe, with some of our tax return in the Spring I will be getting a new floor! And hubby, if you are reading this, thank you in advance, I know you had no idea of this scheme of mine! And it shouldn't cost too much to do.
I'm still working on organizing and cleaning the house. I did find a new spot for all the pictures, but that meant I had to move something else, which in turn made me take down the mirror over the fireplace to put the blanket hanger back up, etc. etc. etc. Yes, it is a sickness!!!

Have a dry day(we are getting rain here),



  1. Love,love the cat door! That is exactly what I need.I too dislike keeping the basement door open for that same reason.I had my kitchen floor recently done with hardwood, got a good deal at Home Depot.Linda

  2. What a neat idea for cats! And I love the bread box, it looks good, you are so cleaver!

  3. The bread box turned out very nice. I loved the marble jar you made for your son's teacher, that was very thoughtful. We have a cat door to our garage, our cat is an outdoor cat. She comes in, and runs right back out. I know what you mean about moving things around too, does it mean we have too much stuff?

  4. I LOVE your blog. I do not have a blog of my own, but am thinking of starting. I love primitive decorating. I just realized, after being laid off from my job as a nurse, that I can MAKE or redo all of the stuff I had been buying!!! :) I was just given the exact same breadbox by a friend this week. I am going to prim it up for my mom for Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration!!! ~ Stephanie ~ Wintersville, Oh

  5. Tiff,

    I love the look of the brick that you used on your fireplace mantle. It is so realistic looking. Could you let me know the manufacturer that you used. My email address is


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