Monday, November 30, 2009

Make Over Monday and Stuff...

I think I finally finished the Christmas decorations!! Well, almost, still some tweaking to do, but I did take pics and I'll share those tomorrow. I figured I had better take them while the house was fairly put together and clean, because with 6 munchkins, it doesn't take long for it to get messy.
For today, I'm sharing some of the stuff I got from 2 weekends ago and some make overs...

The first pic shows some glass ornaments and garland I bought at a church sale for a $1.50 total. I try to buy some glass ornaments each year to add to my collection for my tree, so this is this years contribution. I love this glittery garland, but ironically, I couldn't find anywhere to use it, it was just too sparkly to go with my decor this year. But I will save it for some other year.

And here is a nice big black and cream check table cloth I got at an antique store for $8.
Lastly, this large 3 tier shelf at an antique store for $3. This is the best antique store around, it's a lot of junk but a lot of treasures and so cheap!!

Now for the make overs.... Here is a little cupboard I picked up from Goodwill about a month ago for $9.99.
And painted over.... I still need to sand it and rough it up, but for now it looks better. And I didn't paint is black! Mostly red with some black grunging.
And then there was this dresser at goodwill that I just had to have. It was a big purchase for me at GW, $22, but well worth it. It's a vintage Sears dresser with a cloth label in the drawer.
I loved the lines of it and the hardware was usable. The red paint actually looks OK in the pic, but trust me, it was hideous, almost a pinky color.

Here it is done, well almost, not primmed up yet, just the base coat. And no, I didn't do black paint again, mainly because I was out. So it went green. I couldn't find an adequate spot anywhere for it, so right now it's in my sewing room.
Like I said, tomorrow will be house pic day, actually I may make it over several days because I took about 100 pics, and that's just of the main floor.
I'm just glad it's all done, I'm so tired and don't have the energy I used to have, I'm definately feeling very pregnant these days:)

Have a beautiful night,



  1. Great makeovers, can't wait to see the house pictures. Janie

  2. Those look great. I'm out of black paint, too, and itching to makeover some things. I love your red and green. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics.

  3. Love these makeovers! I found a great "new to me" Prim store in Lewiston this weekend. It is called Willow Tree Primitives. They had some great stuff at reasonable prices! I also went to The Falls Prim Shop in Mechanic Falls for the first time - another fantastic shop. Let me know if you would like more info on either of these.
    Curious about what antique store you found that great shelf in???

  4. Tiff I can finally get on your blog without any trouble. Yippie for me. I love your makeovers. Great buy on that tablecloth. I can see why you didn't pass on it.
    Can't wait to see pictures of all your decorating. Maybe it will inspire me to get busy on mine!

  5. You are too crafty, love it all! I'm still decorating too and hope to be done today so I can post pictures, looking forward to yours. Your home always looks so cozy and warm, love your style!

  6. You have a great eye of seeing diamonds in the rough. The furniture pieces came out really well. I have to ask.....where is this antique shop. I want to visit. Thanks. Looking forward to the holiday pics.

  7. Thanks so much for following my blog!!! I love yours!!! You have great stuff and a wonderful home!

  8. Sherrie and Kelly, the antique store is in Limington, up 113, I have no idea of the name, it's just a long white old chicken coup building on the right after the intersection where the post office is. It is actually several shops in one, there is stuff in the barn and inside. The cheapest place is Eugene's, he's an old gentleman who runs the store for another older gentleman. Then there is a store with beautiful prims and antiques, higher prices but still reasonable and she will negotiate, a very nice woman(where the tablecloth came from). There are two other shops too, I usually don't even bother with the last one. Just remember to bring cash or check, no cards accepted. Oh, and they are only open on weekends, 10 to 4 I think. If anyone wants a field trip, I'm up for it!! And I would love to know about those prim shops you found, email me(in my profile).

    And if either of you are interested, join me at the library this Friday at 9:30 for a Christmas craft that would make a nice teacher or office gift. It's a fabric/ribbon wreath with candy and scissors. I have the embroidery hoops and some ribbon and fabric. Bring a bag of assorted hard candies and a cheapy school scissors to tie on, and any fabric you want to use.

    Amy, I'm so happy it's working for you now, it's working for my friend too, guess there was just a glitch.

    And thank you to everyone else for stopping by and checking on my simple little life. It's great to hear from everyone.

  9. Hi Tiff...
    For some reason, I can not send an email to you directly. Strange, I know!
    I have passed by that antique shop a million times (I used to teach at Sacopee Valley HS) and I have never been in...I will have to stop in this weekend.
    Here is a bit more info on my two new store "finds"
    *Willow Tree Primitives - Lewiston - 754-8784
    *The Falls Country Gift Shoppe - Mechanic Falls - 345-9208
    I would check the exact addresses and then mapquest them...both were easy to find and have lots of great prim stuff!!
    Wish that I could make it to the craft event at the library, but I am a HS teacher and have school tomorrow :( I love Baxter library though, I am there at least 2x per week! Hope you have a wonderful time..


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