Friday, November 13, 2009

A treasure in the sewing room!!

Look at the little treasure I discovered while organizing my sewing room! A new Dresden Plate template that I must have bought awhile ago at Goodwill because it has their $1.99 sticker on it. I was so excited when I found this because I have been wanting to make a dresden plate charger out of wool after I saw this tutorial over at Moda Bakeshop. But I didn't feel like buying one more thing(the template) at Joanns when I have a room full of craft supplies.

I'll have to modify it a bit to work with the wool, but I think it will make such a nice and prim little charger to put under a tart burner or wood bowl. I'm going to start cutting out the pieces this morning while at the library(I have a little craft and chat group that meets Friday mornings at our library).

I also wanted to mention that I am horrible about responding to comments, I read them all and mean to write back but then life happens and I forget( I know, lame excuse). I really need to just take one day a week and write everyone because I'm really not ignoring you!!

And last but certainly not least, a BIG HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY greeting to my hubby!!! He unfortunately has to work today, but I hope he enjoys the cookies I made him. I love you dear.

Have a spectacular day,


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