Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fun, Daughter's Room....

For my first Friday Fun I thought I would share my youngest daughter's room, you can't get much more fun with decorating than this(at least in my house). When you walk up the stairs and turn the corner, this is what you see as you look in her doorway, a huge contrast from the rest of the house! But that's OK, you are only a child once and I like my kids to have rooms that reflect them.
The color scheme was taken from the floor(a floating laminate that we let her pick out after the laundry room flood ruined her carpet). The wall dots are just those wall stickers, bedding from Target, aqua curtains from Lowes(I think), sheer dot curtains from walmart or target(I can't remember).

This was my dresser that I picked out for my 11th birthday from an antique store out in California(liked old things even way back then!). She really needs a larger dresser and one that fits in better with the decor, but this is it for right now.
Here is that $15 vanity from yardsaling with my mom(it was white).
This was a $12 sewing cabinet from goodwill, I love how the paint brought out the sweet lines of it(I may steal this from her for my sewing room!!). Oh, and the purple thing below it is her duct tape dress form that we made, we still need to find a stand for it.
Fluffy area rugs(from target). Ugh, I see in this photo that my quick fix bedskirt(aka, old chenille bedspread) doesn't look that great, guess I will have to fix that.
Ignore the floating hearts, I was trying to picnik and I forgot I left them there!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!,



  1. Great room!!! Have a great weekend, Janie

  2. So nice and bright, I love your old dresser!

  3. This room is adorable for your young daughter. So sweet you let her choose her own colors. She'll remember this when she gets older. I still remember the lavender room my mom let me do when I was a girl!
    Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog!

  4. Looks adorabe!! Does she get a room all to her self? How many bedrooms again? lol

  5. oooh pretty and a little bit funky at the same time!

  6. That room is adorable and so much fun - great job


  7. What a fun room. I'm sure DD loves it!
    Hugs :)


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