Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures....Anyone Know Quilts?

I haven't intentionally been yardsaling since my parents left last month but this past Saturday, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I had pulled over so that I could use my gps to get myself home(I was on a craigslist run a few towns over) and I saw a yardsale on the side street. I didn't have any cash so I just said to myself "forget it". Until I saw the quilts hanging on the fence! I got out and ran over and this is what I brought home (after I went to the ATM)....

In a box of doilies I found this beautiful infant gown. I have never seen one like it. It's very thin, almost like it should be worn as an underdress, but then why the detail and the crochet?($1)

The Crocheted insert has the initials PET all the way around it.
Then there was this gorgeous table runner of crochet and linen....($1)
And ALL these!! All hand done and beautiful.($1 a piece)
Three curtain valances with pink ric rac trim that will be going in the camper.($1 for the 3)
Two milk glass lamps with vintage shades($7 for the pair) and a gold mirror(which I already painted white($1)), these are for the camper too. I'm going to replace the cream pom poms with either pink or blue ones.
These things... isn't that wood pull toy neat!? each of these was $1 a piece
And my daughter just bought fainted when she saw "Becky" laying on the blanket on the ground. I have My Friends Mandy and Jenny from when I was little and since she found out they had a friend named Becky, she has been wanting her. We bid once on ebay for one but it went for over $35! This one came with everything and looked like it was never played with!!(she was $1)
Another basket for my collection... ($1)
And now for my favorites... I did have to pay $15 a piece for these. The first one is a log cabin quilt which looks like it is from the 1930's to me because of the fabric, tons of adorable feedsack prints...

What do you think? Am I right with the 30's? I can't see anyone using that purple print on the right after WW2.
The condition has some issues and I plan on fixing the tears, but I don't mind, I just love it!!

The back is this print...
And here is the 2nd quilt, a dresden plate design. This one I am finding it harder to date because the fabrics look like civil war prints(at least what I have seen of the rerpo fabrics) but the design was more popular in the 20's and 30's. The picture is washing out the color a bit...

Here is the back... and yes, this one too has condition problems, but that's OK, it is so lovely. Oh, and this quilt is very heavy, much more so than the other.
I'm pretty sure the woman of the house had passed away and her daughters were cleaning out the house. There were several other quilts, but these two caught my eye. There were also large hooked floor rugs and handmade braided rugs, but I passed those by, as I just don't have the time to clean them and repair them. And the furniture! If I owned an antique store, I would have scored, but I was good and didn't bring any home, I just don't have the room for it.
So there you have my one yardsale on Saturday find :) Awesome huh? And I know I probably did a horrible no no in the quilt world, but I machine washed on delicate(front load) the quilts and dried them in the dryer. I just couldn't handle the thought of them in my house and not be clean. They actually came out quite well and don't have any more damage than they already had.

Have a fantastic day,



  1. Those milk glass lamps are making my heart I adore them. I'm so happy your daughter found that doll...I can't believe the price for it. How wonderful to find the 'friend' for your dolls...Great did awesome.

  2. OMGosh Tiff...

    You got so many fabulous goodies!!
    I love everything.

    I have only been to 2 yard sales all Summer long!!
    GASP! (I know!)

    All winter long I can not wait... then Summer comes and I never seem to get to go. Always seems to be something going on.

    But you have inspired me! Im going this weekend no matter what. (Hopefully) LOL!

    I know I wont find as many wonderful goodies as you did. But the thrill is in the hunt, right?? Hehee!


  3. Oh wow Oh wow - what finds you did find! Wonderful items - Not good at "dating" things but they are wonderful prints!

  4. That is most certainly someone's baptismal gown.

    I tried figuring out when tying instead of quilting started to come into fashion with no luck. I do think some of the prints on the second quilt look older too, but I agree that the pattern + the ties = something not right in regards to an earlier date.

  5. What fantastic finds...thank goodness there was an ATM handy. The crocheted items and quilts are wonderful.

  6. Wonderful finds. I just think the quilts are so great. It doesn't look like you'll need to do so much repair. I wish I'd been there for the braided rugs. I need a few more for the house!

  7. Tiff ~
    What great buys. Woo hoo for you!
    Hugs :)

  8. Great finds!!
    I think you are right about the first quilt being from the 1930's. I have one that my hubby's grandmother made that has some of the same fabrics in it and I'm pretty sure the my MIL told me that her mom made the quilt back in the 30's.

  9. What a score, love all the finds!! Especially the quilts.

    Enjoy, Janie


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