Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why do we collect...

I know if you are reading this blog and have a blog of your own, you are a collector, and I'm 99% sure of that :) It may be a small collection or a large one, it may be a practical one that you use everyday or a totally frivolous one, it could be one collection or many, many collections.... so why do we collect things? I'm sure there are as many answers as there are blogs out there. For me, my collections grew for many reasons. And some even disappeared for reasons. I guess the first and foremost reason for most of my collections is "emotional", the feel, the look, the essence... it all brings up an emotional feeling in me. For example, I love crocks, the look of them, the colors, the history, they radiate a sense of warmth(not physical) but something that can't be touched. They provided years of service to the homemaker or shopkeeper, they were often used and abused, tossed away when cracked, or pushed to the back of the pantry and forgotten. I doubt those people would realize years later that there everyday things would become cherished and sought after treasures in the future.

I have long collected pickling crocks of all sizes, but it has only been the last year or two that bean pots have caught my eye. I do love with great affection a good sweet and tangy baked bean, but have never once cooked a batch in a bean pot, not that I'm lacking for any :) Here is my collection(lacking some small one that wouldn't fit) on my fireplace mantle... each one is different.

And I'm just adding this picture to share with you the dry sink my mom brought up for me last month. I asked her for this piece, not expecting to get is so soon, because it's one of the few pieces that she still had that I remembered from my childhood. My mom and dad are collectors, but tend to buy and sell a lot, so unless it is a family piece, things get swapped out a lot. Anyway, I just love this piece and how it has a tall back with mirror(not usual for dry sinks). And, guess what, this is now my 4th dry sink, talk about an odd collection! :)
Have a lovely day and try to stay cool,



  1. It's a comfort thing with me, my collections bring me much comfort and some will be passed down to the grand daughters one day! Love your dry sink!

  2. love your post Tiff : You are right it is emotional ties to our collections. Your bean pots are awesome! And I love your dry sink!

  3. Hi Tiff!
    Proudly I say Im a collector too!! :)
    I always have been, even as a child.
    I think the first collection of mine that I can remember is a collection of banks.
    Oh, how I wish I still had them.
    Im a lot like your parents, buy then sell, then buy again.
    I wish I could just buy, but there is only so much space! It seems like everytime I sell something, I find myself wanting or needing it back at a later date.
    I have no idea why I collect. All I know is that it makes me happy! I walk around looking at one collection or another and it makes me smile. (Even my DVD collection makes me smile! LOL!)
    I do love to think about the history of my antique piece. Who made it, wore it, used it, did they love it as much as me? Or was it just some "thing" and never gave it a second thought.

    I wish I could touch them and just know where all they have been it their lives.
    If only these things could talk, huh? I would sure listen.

    Thanks for this wonderful post!
    And love your crocks and your amazing dry sink!!!


  4. Really nice bean pot collection, don't see many of them, love the dry sink, you have it nicely decorated. Thanks for sharing your collecions, nice seeing what others are attracted to. Stay cool if you can, near 100 here for the next week. Vicky

  5. would love to see all of your dry sinks..I love vintage cook ware..pyrex, fireking anything kitcheny..right now i collect strawberries for the kitchen..some nice things thanks to you..and cat stuff..although that has calmed down quite a bit..just don't have room for it.;) have a great friday.;)

  6. I love crocks too. I have a bean pot that was my great-grandmother's. I have cooked beans in it and it works very well. In fact, I've been wanting to make a batch here in the new house, but it's too blooming hot! My house looks great decorated with crocks...especially in the kitchen. I love the bean pots over your fireplace!

  7. hey tiff that piece you are calling a dry sink my folks always called them comodes as the thunder bucket was kept in the bottom and the bowel and picter was kept on top i have 2 that were my parents


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