Monday, July 18, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday...

I know I've been slacking with my blog, so as a way to get myself more motivated, I'm going to try and post by topic days, such as Misc. Monday(I'll share some sort of homemaking tip), Tuesday's Treasures(thrift or store finds), Working on Wednesday(projects), Thursday's Thoughts(I'll have to think about that one!), and Friday Fun(what ever doesn't fit into the rest of the days).

So, for my first Misc. Monday, I'm sharing with you a very easy and cheap way to get rid of fruit flies. I don't know about you, but around here, with the warm/hot weather comes those nasty little buggers that hang around fruit or your kitchen sink. Nothing I did seemed to work, I even bought one of those traps from a garden catalog, but it did very little. We usually just suffered through and by the time Fall and the cold weather came around they would be gone. Until this year! I was surfing around the net and happened upon a blog(and I am so sorry that I don't remember who, because I would love to thank them and give them credit, but I know there are a ton of posts about this out there) who made a super simple trap and claimed that it worked like a charm. A lot of the homemade versions call for apple cider vinegar, or dish soap or a combo of both, but all this one needs in plain old white vinegar, nothing fancy!

All you need is some sort of jar, I used a mason jar because it's my style:) A piece of paper(you can get creative here and match it to your decor or theme) and about an inch of vinegar. Roll the paper into a cone shape, leaving about a half inch to 3/4 inch hole at the bottom. Use tape to hold its shape. Make sure the paper is smooth on the inside and out so that there aren't any areas that can be used for escape. Then fill your jar with about an inch of vinegar and place your paper cone in it, be sure it's not touching the vinegar. And make sure the paper is in contact with the whole rim of the jar(no gaps). Then sit back and watch how many little flies you catch! Obviously, empty it out and put in fresh vinegar when you get too many bugs. It took about a week, but I haven't seen a fruit fly in my kitchen since, ok, there is the occasional one that comes with the new bananas or through the screen door, but they are quickly done away with. I hope this helps you out a bit this summer :)

Thank you all for checking out our new little hedgehog blog, we are having a blast making it. Look for an update sometime this afternoon.

Have a lovely day,



  1. Hi Tiff,
    Thank for the tip.

    And I must say....
    What a gorgeous dresser display!!
    I love your sewing machine.

  2. Ah this is a tip I need, they are driving me nuts, never had a problem with them till this year either.

  3. Tiff, that's a great tip!
    Those little bugs can be so annoying :-(

  4. This is too funny. I have a couple of bananas sitting on the counter waiting to be turned into banana bread today and I went to bed last night worrying about the amount of fruit flies that they were generating. I kept envisioning the house overrun by them by the end of the week! This is perfect and I'll try it right away!


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