Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Want to See the Kitchen?...

I hope everyone is having a good week. I thought I would finally share some pics of the kitchen with all of you. We had a realtor come this morning to give us a value on our house, so I snapped some quick photos while the room was picked up. I realized that since I'm a stay at home mom, that the house is my job, and thus, it's always a work in progress, which means for me, it will never be "done". I like to change things too much for it to ever be a finished thing, so instead of sharing the "Finished" kitchen with you, I'm just sharing "my kitchen" with you :) Make sense?

Oh, and there are a lot of photos! As you can see, the top cupboards went white, but I left the bottom ones stained. I also painted my red kitchen chairs, my hutch, my potato bin and some small accessories.

I found this old graniteware soap holder at goodwill a few months ago for $1.99. The white enamel diaper pail is used for dirty dish cloths waiting to be washed.
I took out every stitch of Pfaltzgraff Folk Art out of my kitchen, and I honestly don't miss it(yet). I did leave my cows :)
I know some people hate the chippy paint look, but I'm in love with my cupboards, they are the exact prim farmhouse look I wanted. And the room is so much cheerier and brighter now. This cupboard holds my pedestal cake stands.
Peek into my sewing room, which is still a work in progress...
Put all my vintage utensils in the old metal bread box(turned on its side).

I made little brown ticking half slip covers for my bar stools to cover up some of the black.
I took out the colored rugs and went with more neutral ones. This one was in my sewing room, but looks so much better here.
And my mom brought me this huge one for under the kitchen table.
And I finished crocheting this little one the other night, it's made from heavy duty cotton.

I simplified the rack above my island and got rid of a ton of the cheapy looking faux copper molds.
I hung a plant above the kitchen sink in a old enamel diaper pail.
An enamel pee pot holds my Christmas cactus.
Hung some old enamel lids on the walls.
And yet more enamelware. I took my whole collection out of my bedroom.
I still need to tweek the ladder in the corner, for now just a quilt top lives on it.
One of my knobs fell off my hutch, still need to fix that!
Love my kitchen table.

Took an old piano stool and painted the top, then set this on it in the corner by the hutch.
This whole area is still not right to me, but it will come together eventually.
I took the little over hang of the center island and put a half round table under it with cookie cutters and cook books.
Made a simple valance of brown ticking and hung some mason jars for rooting plants.
Picnic baskets stacked in the corner with a plant in another enamelware diaper pail.

The top of my cupboards(which was once full of Pfaltzgraff) now holds mason jars, enamelware bowls full of tin cookie cutters and my flat cake stand collection(I think I have about 8 of them).

So there you have my kitchen as it is today. Again, it will never be finished because my mind is always working on something new.

Have a fantastic day,



  1. I LOVE it! You did a wonderful job on it! I like how you distressed the cupboards & all your decorations are just great!

  2. Your kitchen is bright & cheerful.Looks like a magazine ad. I like all your displays. So cool putting the paintings on the doors. I have the set myself. Love them. I have seen the lids hung on kitchen walls before. Neat. T-Towels look nice looped through the lid handles. Love that big pig above the stove. Blessings!

  3. It looks great Tiff!! Very cheerful!!


  4. Your kitchen looks great!!

  5. well its about time Tiff!!! I love how bright and cheery your "new" kitchen how you have it all decked getting inspiration from you gals..;)

  6. I LOVE the new white and chippy cabinets, they really make the room, along with your nifty cow collection! I'm a fan of cows too! I too am always in need of changing it up, will never be done, thank goodness!!

  7. Tiffany, your kitchen is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing pictures. It all looks so great.
    Happy Thursday

  8. The only thing I can think of that I don't like about your kitchen Tiff is that I am not sitting at your table drinking iced tea with you! What a beautiful space. I love that you left the bottoms of your cupboards stained. The whole room works so well together. You've done a beautiful job and one you should certainly be proud of.

  9. I love white cabinets. they remind me of Grandma's kitchen. my Mom's were knotty pine. Mine are unfinished hickory. every generation has their own taste. I love both of theirs yet chose my own.....
    you certainly have a large space. I have a galley style kitchen so things are very different for me. a lot of things expected from a small space. I would so love to have the space you do.
    I collect enamelware myself, all colors, but prefer the white. I haven't used it for decorative purposes for several years. you just may have inspired me to add some back to my decor!

  10. Its beautiful Tiff! You did an amazing job :) I love it.

  11. Love your kitchen, looks great !! Enjoy, Janie

  12. Tiff ~
    Looks great! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  13. I love your kitchen it is so warm and friendly looking and I can just imagine you with an apron and hands covered in flour. You have given me inspiration to have a go at ours. Although I do not think I can stretch it to accomodate all the things. In these days of polished stainless steel and granite it is lovely to see a real country kitchen. I am so envious.

  14. I think your kitchen looks great. I love all the white and especially the cabinets.


  15. Your farmhouse table is my very favorite part of your kitchen. Wish it was MINE!

  16. Wow, oodles of inspiration in these photos! I really enjoyed looking at your kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

  17. You have a beautiful kitchen with so many lovely treasures. I grew up one of eight kids so I really appreciate seeing all the chairs at the table :) Your kitchen looks like so much love and family. Enjoy!


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