Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday...

We hit the road at 6:45 this morning for a day trip up to Camden, it was actually a test for hubby and me and I won't bore you with the details, but we have made our decision. Anyway, I wasn't much into picture taking today, so I don't have any of Camden, but you can check out July/07 of my old blog for lots of pictures of the town.
On the way up, you have to drive through Wiscasset, and for any of you Food Network fans, you will recognize this place, Red's Eats. I can't tell you if it is worthy of the fame because we have never eaten there, but it sure had a line!
One of the places I can recommend is... Morse's Sauerkraut. A great little German import store and restaurant( I use the term restaurant liberally, as it is actually only 5 or so tall back wood booths, but the small menu is excellent(recommend the warm German potato salad and Reuban sandwich).

It's a very unassuming place out in the middle of nowhere in Waldoboro. It's one of those hidden gems that I would normally drive by without a thought, but thank goodness we were told of the place. We stop for garlic pickles and Happy Hippos!!! Did you know that Kinder Eggs are now illegal in the US?? Crazy!
Some views around the place...
Notice the weather vane?
Here's a closer look. All I could think of is that this cow is pointing to Heaven. Chocolate, homemade garlic pickles, and German potato salad, guess that is close to Heaven on Earth :)
The drive home was filled with lots of summer tourists and the traffic was intense. We stopped at one little junk shop, but I didn't buy anything because the prices were insanely high. I then wanted to stop at the Salvation Army in Brunswick, hubby was obliging, but unfortunately as were turning in, a big ole RV blocked ours and the oncoming cars view of each other and the little car hit my van. No damage to my van, other than my front license plate got torn off because their head light hit it. No one was hurt, thank the Lord. The police didn't even file a report because the damage was minimal, but after that I had no desire to go into SA. Maybe it was a sign to stop junking!!!
We are all home now, safe and sound and a little more wise from the journey.

Have a safe day!



  1. Glad you're safe and sound. This sounds like a trip hubby and I would take...him being not as wanting to stop at SA. Battling tourists is never fun!

  2. Glad everyone is alright. Camden is pretty, haven't been there in ages. Have a great one, Janie


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