Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review...

Just like I did for 2012, I decided to do a bullet recap of this past year...the good and the bad, in no particular order.(all the pictures were taken yesterday morning after a beautiful snow that fell overnight)

1) Changed our lifestyle to healthier eating and more exercise
2) Lost 70lbs (still want to shed 35 more)
3) Ran my first 5k

4) Cameron came home for 2 weeks in the summer
5) Turned the big 40
6)  Had a wonderful birthday trip with hubby(first time away from the kids ever)

7) Suffered three miscarriages(that truly sucked)
8) Coached soccer for the first time
9) Started going to the gym with hubby

10) Went on a marvelous family vacation in the new camper for three weeks in the summer
11) Rode on the back of the motorcycle(a lot) and actually enjoyed it
12) Rearranged the house (a lot), but that is nothing new
13) Hosted my 2nd annual gingerbread house party

14) Took ballroom dance lessons(I'm not a dancer)
15) Went zip lining for the first time(loved it)
16) Cameron came home Christmas
17) Made a quilt and crocheted a lot
18) Found our church family again
19) Got a new car!(which I love!!)
20) Continued to be blessed by God with a wonderful husband, terrific kids, and lovely life.

May God bless all of you and your families in the new year.



  1. You are very blessed! So sorry for the miscarriages! Happy New Year!!

  2. What a packed year. Good times and sad times.
    Sending you love and wishes for a great new year.

  3. I LOVE being on the back of a bike. I miss those days.

    I *think* I am finally to the point where I feel utter relief at the thought of never.ever.peeing.on.a.stick again. ;)

  4. Wishing you have a better 2014, Janice

  5. Many blessings for 2014 Tiff and I loved the black and white photos of your family!

  6. Sounds like a good 2013!

    Here's to 2014!

    Happy New Year!



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