Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 6....

Another gloomy day here with rain, would rather have snow!  
So yesterday's baking was an epic failure. The only positive thing about 4 hours worth of work was that I got an awesome upper ab workout from rolling the dough, my stomach is seriously sore from it. I don't know what happened, maybe my kitchen was too cold or I just can't bake anymore, but around 1 in the afternoon I knew it was time to raise the white flag.  The older I get the faster I realize that it is OK to let go and sometimes go the easier route.  I had two hours before I had to be at the bus stop, so I told Mason to get on his shoes and coat and we headed to the store.  Yes...I'm not too proud to admit that I bought boxed gingerbread houses for my party this year.  Everyone will get one large house and one small house on their platter.  I don't think anyone will mind, afterall it is about friends getting together and having fun, not about whether the gingerbread is homemade or not.  Right?  
And I will still be making the royal icing to decorate with, let's just hope I don't mess that up!
 I've also been getting a few presents wrapped everyday. I think my bunny looks cute by the tree this year...
 And last night I finished up a slouchy beret for came out pretty good for no pattern.  I also bought this magazine(haven't bought a martha stewart living in ages, but the cover looked fun), but I have yet to sit down to read it, maybe tonight.
Have a marvelous day,



  1. I wouldn't worry about them not being homemade, just gives you time to make berets.
    The bunny has a nice Christmas look and the chalkboard is great. Happy Saturday.

  2. I think the boxed ones are just fine the bunny and beret!
    Have a great weekend!
    Be blessed,


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