Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 5....

It's a gloomy cold day here, perfect for baking. And I will be baking a lot today, all my gingerbread houses need to be made:)

I thought I would share what I did with two pretty goodwill frames I had.  I painted them both white and wanted to use them in the family room, but there really was no place that they worked. Then the other day I got and idea to use them in the kitchen. And since I'm out of wall space... they went on the cupboards!

Here is the first frame, jazzed up with ornaments and bows.  My kitchen is decorated Brightly for Christmas :)
 Yes, it's off center, but it adds to the quirkyness of it.
 And here is the other one.  I added a vintage green chalkboard to it and then hung the Christmas countdown board to it. After Christmas I will use this one as our menu board.  Oh, and did you notice the red gingham in the cupboards?  I used it throughout my kitchen this year, brightened everything up and it's fun and festive.

And here it what Mason has been up to... give the boy a pan of flour and add his farm, he will play for hours!  I finally got smart and put a vinyl piece of tablecloth underneath it to contain the mess.  I really need to get one of those giant drip pans for this.
 While he is playing, I will be using my pattern to make my houses....using circle platters this year for the houses.
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  1. Great frames and love the idea too! I bet your house smells amazing!!


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