Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 16...

We dug out from the storm, the kids went to school, and hubby went to work. Tonight the temps are going to be in the negatives and more snow is expected tomorrow...  I think winter has definitely arrived.

Remember all the apple cozies I made for the church fair? I think I did about 25.  Well, I've been busy making another 40 ! I'm getting a bit tired of crocheting the same thing over and over, but I wanted to get them made for the elementary school.  I'm going to attach little sweater labels to them and then put them in the teachers mail boxes as a little secret Santa thing. 
 And I know you have seen this tree already, but I had to share it again.  I wasn't sure about putting a tree is this spot because of the traffic through to the stairs. But is has turned out, that I absolutely love it here. It makes me smile every time I walk down the stairs and see it warmly glowing at night.
 I'm extremely glad I put it here.

Stay warm,



  1. Cute apple cozies, and a great little gift for the teachers! Love that tree! The whole area is so pretty and festive.

  2. Love the apple cozies! Your tree is beautiful!!

  3. Your tree & the displays around it look beautiful Tiff !! Stay warm n cozy :) Hugsssss

  4. I love your decorations! And I never heard of an apple cozy, but I need one badly now. They are a great idea. The other little creatures are sweet too!


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