Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 17...

Yes, I'm late in the day, but I've been busy.  I got all the apple cozies done and delivered to the school, I finished up my Christmas shopping(yay!), did house chores,  and picked up my photo order from the store.

Now that the cozies are done, my next crochet project is going to be these adorable guinea pigs. Aren't they cute?!  Maybe I can get a few made before Christmas.
 It's snowing again! And when I went to pick up my youngest daughter from her play auditions at the high school, this was my drive home...  dusk with the lights on and the snow starting to come down. At the end of the street coming out of the school is the cutest house... Can you see it?
 I need to get a better picture one day, because it is a very sweet house.
Night, night...



  1. Pretty pics....guninea pigs are so cute, and that house is lovely! I look forward to seeing other pics of it!
    We've had snow all day.... kept me inside, but I was productive, so that's a good thing!

  2. Evening, oh those sweet Guinea pigs, love them.....that is a lovely house, looks so charming in the snow, Francine.

  3. Those Guinea pigs are so adorable!

  4. The guinea pigs are cute,and
    I love that house it looks like one of your gingerbread houses.xx

  5. The guinea pigs are so cute! Love that house, so sweet.
    Merry Christmas,


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