Sunday, December 1, 2013

Town Tree Lighting....

I really wasn't planning on leaving the house at all today.... hubby and I have head colds, it was snowing out, and I had hours worth of bulletin board work to do. We were even bad and slept in and missed church(we both really needed the sleep though).  
Anyway,  I got up, drew, painted, and stressed over what to do for the December bulletin board that I have to put up TOMORROW at school.  I started several ideas, but none of them panned out... I was in a creative slump.  Then I finally got an idea, which expanded to more things needed to be painted.... making for hours of work.    I drudged on with.  But at 3 oclock my 15 yr old daughter had to be at the town tree lighting because her dance academy  was doing a flash mob there.  We had no intentions of going to the tree lighting... to cold and crowded, and by noon the snow had turned to rain.  Around 1:30 I decided I needed a break from painting and we still had grocery shopping to do. So I told everyone to get dressed and we would drop Becca off at 3 and get the shopping done to be back at the tree lighting by 4 to see her dance.  And we did just that. Hubby and I took the 4 boys to the grocery store(it's usually just him and I who do the shopping and I realize why now!), got it all done in 40 minutes and then went to the park for the parade, flash mob, and tree lighting.
Because of the weather it wasn't too crowded(yay!), it had stopped raining, but it was freezing!  The boys enjoyed free hot coco, popcorn, and donuts while hubby and I chatted with our neighbors.

I forgot my phone and my camera, so pictures our courtesy of my 13yr old's tablet.
My 4 little snowmen....

Mason loved this and kept showing everyone how to pose in it :)
  I don't have pictures of the parade, but it was really nice and they lighted up the fire trucks with thousands of lights, much better than I have seen in the past. The flash mob dance was cute and my daughter did a great job.

It's hard to take pictures of Christmas lights, but my boy tried :)   The park lit up with small trees and the big Christmas tree in the middle.

Oh, and the BEST part,  two of my boys won sleds!!!! How awesome is that??!??!  I think for not wanting to leave the house today, things turned out pretty well.  And I'm almost done with the bulletin board stuff.
Happy 1st day of December!



  1. Good morning you had one PACKED IN DAY didn't you and right up bedtime it sounds. But a great day had by the whole family!
    Blessings this holiday season,

  2. Ended up being a fun day! Hope you are feeling better too. Your kids are going to have lots of fun with those sleds!


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