Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 21...

It was a long night.... we left the house a little after 5pm last night and headed down to Boston(over a 2 hour drive).  We stopped and ate at Carrabba's in Peabody, MA. Then since we still had about 4 hours before his flight arrived, we decided to head into the downtown. Drove around Boston Commons(see the rink full of skaters down there?)....
 Then to Copley Center, which is a mall that is in two separate office buildings connected by an enclosed foot bridge.  There were A LOT of high end stores and we took the kids into Saks Fifth Avenue for the first time.... they weren't impressed,lol! Though Becca did like the feel of the $13,000 fur coat :)    We walked the whole thing, didn't buy anything, but did spend $28 on parking.  I'm not a fan of cities, too many people, traffic, and stuff.   But the decorations were big and pretty.... giant ornaments hanging everywhere....
 An an absolutely Huge wreath and massive stars....
 Becca and me...
 Then we headed to the airport.... It was about 10:30, the airport was a ghost town.  His flight was supposed to arrive at 11:45.  Well, we get a text that his layover flight was delayed,  by 2 hours!!  It finally arrived at 1:30 am!!!  Then a two hour drive back home.  Ya we were tired.
 But Cameron is home and Mason(along with the rest of us) are very happy!

Merry Christmas,

(who's hoping the ice storm that is, coming misses us)


  1. I'm so happy, for you, that your son, Cameron, is home.. Enjoy every minute of Christmas and New Year's celebrations.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  2. I remember when my oldest was in the Marines and couldn't make it home for Christmas, so enjoy!!! He looks so mature! Merry Christmas!!!!


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