Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 20....

My kids don't hold anything back when it comes to dressing for school :)  
My youngest daughter has been wearing Christmas themed ensembles all week to school, from vintage gingerbread girl dresses to to Santa Ts, but today is her grand finale!  The vintage red crinoline was found at a new local antique shop that opened(she fell in love with the second she saw it).  The red converse are her tribute to Doctor Who.
 On her jacket is a mix of vintage and new pins...
 And then we have my 7th grader....  It was ugly sweater day at school. We didn't have and ugly Christmas sweater and they seem to be in short supply around here(goodwill has been wiped out for months, I think they are putting them on ebay).  So what was I to do?  I made him one.  That creepy crocheted santa is mine from when I was very little(I think my mom made it and it is actually a puppet).
 On the back... A stocking that I made for him, loaded with candy for him to hand out :)
He was a good sport about wearing this, but I'm sure it won't stay on the whole day.

We are headed to Boston this evening to pick up Cameron from the airport!!!  He will be home for a week and half and we are all extremely excited to see him.   I will have at least one more Christmas picture with all seven of them in Christmas pjs walking down the stairs.  Oh, and this year, they all have the same pjs, it's going to be quite the picture :)

Have a wonderfully fantastic day,


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  1. Love that your kids are not afraid to express themselves.Your daughters style is wonderful! I'm sure you're just giddy about having your son home for the holidays.Warm Blessings!~Amy


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