Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13, Another Snowman and Finds...

Day 13 was another rainy day here, but at least the winds died down. The wind was awful last night, at times I thought the windows were going to blow in. And of course I was up all night listening to it because I was suffering from acid reflux. But enough of that. I want to share with you this little snowman that I created out of the same technique as the mushrooms. I think he came out pretty cute and he is going to be a birthday present for a neighbor. He was supposed to be delivered today, but he wasn't quite dry yet. He's glued to the little red box(which is no longer functional) and is just a little decorative guy. The recipient collects snowmen, so I hope she likes him.
And then there is this wood snowman, found this evening at Goodwill for a mere 99 cents! I just took off the ugly plaid ribbon he was wearing and didn't have to do another thing to him.
I put him on top my pie safe in my front foyer.
And I also found these little Annalee figures. They are in mint condition and were $2.99 and $1.99. I wouldn't pay retail for these guys, but I will pay goodwill prices and they will now live up in my laundry room for Christmas.
Oh, and look who discovered that he can climb onto chairs all by himself!!! He was so proud of himself and kept giggling.
Until tomorrow my friends,



  1. love that snowman you made..he is are a talented the other stuff you got too..and your little mason is just way to cute..and I love that cute little smile.;)

  2. Can't believe how BIG he's getting!

  3. I Love making snowmen.didn't get to make much this year because of moving but have decided to start this year right after Christmas..might be hard to stay in the Christmas mood when planting a garden..but am going to give it a serious try :)

  4. I'm sure your neighbor will love the snowman. What a thoughtful gift.
    Oh, Mason is a cutie. What a great smile!
    Hugs :)

  5. Love the snowman, don't know where you find the time!


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