Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9, Christmas Jammies, Dried Oranges, Table Runner, and Pets...

Long title, I know :) I've been working on gifts today, sorry I can't share them, they are surprises, but I can share the following for Day 9 of the countdown....

We have many Christmas Eve and Day traditions, and one of them is that every year the kids get matching jammies. This is not an easy task, considering the age range(baby to 17 yrs old) and that there are 5 boys and 2 girls. Plus, I don't want to spend a fortune(Hanna Anderson would be an easy out, but I would go broke!). Last year I got creative and did Target fleece bottoms with Hanes tshirts from Joanns(super cheap year). This year was more difficult, no one had anything that I particularly liked, and it was hard to find all the sizes I needed available. And the girls decided they didn't want jammies, they wanted nightgowns! I don't always do Christmas colors, I just mainly want them to coordinate. So finally I found these blue and white striped jammies for the boys(on sale!) and comfy solid blue nightgowns for the girls. The blues aren't exactly the same, but I think it will work and it is one more thing marked off my list, YAY!!!
I know you all are waiting to see more house pics, but I'm really just stalling with the family room because the main tree isn't how I want it yet. I didn't do my huge glass ornament collection this year because of Mason(didn't want to have to worry about broken glass or the glitter with him), so I did the tree totally different and its a work in progress. Though it is looking better since I found these dried oranges this morning on top my kitchen hutch. I had totally forgotten about them because the jar was behind other things(as you can see by the dust on it!). I think I made them a couple years ago and just threw them in with the other potpouri. Anyway, I put hooks on them and hung them on the tree and they smell nice too.
I washed the table runner from yesterday. I don't care for the cardinals in the middle of it, but they are covered by my bowl.
It adds a nice Christmas touch to the table.
And here is Sally after her grooming yesterday. I forgot to take a before pic, but let's just say that she looks MUCH better now.
And while I was taking her picture, Phoebe(who has the personality of a dog) had to come over and get her picture taken too.
Have a beautiful evening,



  1. Oh, I'd love to know how you dried the oranges?

  2. oh I love the jammies..but you know me.I love that sweet kitty.:)

  3. Tiff ~
    Matching/coordinating jammies/nightgowns for seven is quite the challenge. Congrats on being able to cross that off the list!
    Stop on over at my blog if you get the chance. I'm having a give~away.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Love the jammies and nightgowns!! Sally and Phoebe are adorable!! My little yorkie, Chloe, got groomed today and she now has a gingerbread scarf around her neck.

  5. Hi Tiff, Sally looks so cute! I can't wait to see your oranges on your tree.. I dried my first batch of oranges yesterday haven't put them on the tree yet they are in a mason jar. Love your table arrangement, I need a centerpiece for my table :)


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