Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 3, My Kitchen

This year, I didn't do a whole lot of Santa or snowman stuff(though I do have some, just not all of it), I stuck mostly with greenery, berries, and lights. So on Day 3, I share with you my kitchen...

I repainted the corner cupboard a taupy color and got rid of the white. I like it better, but I'm still not sure I'm sold on the color yet.

Remember the tin bread box I got for $10? I turned it on it's back and stuffed it with gingerbread. And that is the new little tree from goodwill sitting on top of it.
Here is the back of the display, which can be seen from the dining table, so I thought I would turn the tree skirt around so you could see it from that side.
This is the desk area of the kitchen(which is never used for that purpose).
I emptied the black wood breadbox and stuffed it with my rolling pins and greenery.
The view of the table from the front entry doorway.
Simple tablescape...

I picked up this wool felt crow in the stocking at Salvation Army this past summer for a whopping 49 cents!!! I love it and would love to make some of them. Oh, and all my berry wreaths throughout the house were bought last January at The Christmas Tree shop for 90% off, I think they cost me between 99cents and $1.49. The red fabric with ice skates is actually a skirt from LL Bean that no longer fits my daughters.
I bought this cabbage slicer with candle holder this summer by my parents in Ohio and it looks cute on the wall next to my hutch. I just added the wreath that I just got at GW to give it a seasonal touch.
And last but not least, I got this neat light from Birgit's Open house last month. It is a painted coffee can with a flag fabric modge podged over it, then sitting in it is a tin candle holder and the star light. It came with the berry wreath, I just added a greenery wreath beneath it.
I'm off to a church sale tomorrow morning, then cleaning the garage so hubby can get his car back in the garage before the snow flies, and hopefully I can get some crafting in.

Have a wonderful night,



  1. Love Love LOVE ALL your pictures. You have such a gift for putting groupings togather and having everything look wonderful!

  2. Tiff ~
    What a beautiful (and so tastefully decorated!) kitchen. I'm not sure your island could even fit in my I definitely have a one person kitchen.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. wow your kitchen is beautiful!!!! love everything!

  4. Very festive but natural looking with all the greens, pinecones and berries. Love your gingerbread men in the bread box too!

  5. Everything is spectacular!! I've really been enjoying your posts. Your home is just beautiful and you DO have a great eye for placing things. I've tried to choose a favority setting but I can't, I love them all!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  6. This is so amazing! I absolutely love it...I could get lost in there - it's just so beautiful!

  7. oh I am so in love with your home..I am not kidding you...and I totally love the way you is heaven in your home..and I love the tan/taupe makes the kitchen more warm and cozy and I think it looks really really nice..;) have a wonderful weekend.;)

  8. Everything looks amazing. You do have the right touch. I got your note about the has your name on it. I will see you at the Church sale.

  9. I loved your laundry room...and now I'm in love with your kitchen!! It's beautiful!!! Love your decorating inviting and cozy!!

  10. I've loved visiting your home Tiff! It's beautiful, and you've done a great job decorating it. We've barely begun this year. You're way ahead of us. I love your large kitchen too. It's beautiful!

  11. I know you will tire of my saying this, but your house is wonderful!! It has been one of my faves for a while now. It looks so cozy and inviting. Your kitchen is beautiful. LOVE the table and chairs.

  12. what a warm and cozy the red chairs....actually love everything.....and especially that big cow in the kitchen window.......where did you get her? Oh yes, I am now your newest follower.....

  13. How wonderful! Southern Living should be there with a camera crew! Merry Christmas!

  14. Absolutely breathtaking!!! Nice job!

  15. Wonderful job with the Christmas decor. I love, love it! Have a great Christmas season.


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