Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8, Candy Canes, Goodwill, and a Search....

Today was a half day in school for the kids, so the big ones were home by 11:30, I don't even know why they bother, just give the kids the day off. But anyway, I took the dog to the groomers(I can't wait to see her, she is still there), went to the grocery store, and my youngest daughter needed to sing at a middle school basketball game. After dropping the dog off we decided to stop at a local candy store(they make their own). I've been on the search for candy canes that aren't made in Mexico, I want some good old American made ones. The grocery store and Rite Aid both had different brands, both made in Mexico, and one even made in China(I'm sorry, I just feel like there is no way I could trust that).p>

We bought 8 candy canes, they are very thick and big, and for the price, the kids are going to have to savor them ;) All I really wanted was a bunch of small ones, but at least these ones are locally made. We bought traditional peppermint, watermelon, strawberry, bubblegum, and sugarplum(I have no idea what that is going to taste like).

I also bought a box of my favorites, Bangor taffy.
I made a quick run to Goodwill and found some goodies. For the family reunion, we have to find some ugly Christmas sweaters. I found one for my 4yr old, though it isn't really ugly, at least it's a sweater. And then there is this homemade knit sweater set for Mason, it looks a lot worse in person, which is a good thing! I think I may add some ugly trees or snowmen to it.
Also bought a bag of velvet ribbon, two vintage(or at least they look it) Santa bells, and a 6' long cotton and felt table runner(it's from Debbie Mumm). It needs to be washed, but will fit nicely on my long kitchen table and for $2.99 I couldn't have made it for that.
I then found this twin size coverlet, they had it marked as a tablecloth, but it clearly isn't. And if they had realized it was for a bed, it would have been a lot more than $4.99.
And last, I picked up this Santa outfit for Mason. I really just wanted the jacket, but it was a set for $1.99. I already ordered him a 1st Christmas shirt and matching candy cane striped pants, so thought the jacket would complete the outfit.Now for the Search part of the post. I'm looking for the old fashioned plastic squeeze bottles that were used for catsup or mustard. I can order them online, but I want them for this weekend. I have looked at the grocery store, the hardware store, and rite aid. I dread having to go to walmart, do they even have them? Does anyone know a store that carries them? I need them for decorating sugar cookies. Thanks for your help.

Have a delightful day,



  1. Do you happen to have a dollar tree or general dollar store in your area? They have the mustard squeeze bottles. I picked a couple up last week for the same reason

  2. yeah I am thinking the dollar store or the wilton section..:)

  3. I was going to say dollar tree also.

  4. Wal Mart definitely does have them. We use them for jelly, olive oil, vinegar.... very handy!
    Make your page more blogger friendly--lose the word verification. It's a lot easy to leave comments!

  5. Great find on the lace coverlet..I am going to resale shop tomorrow (they also rent booths there and I am taking some of my hand mades to sell)...maybe I will find some more goodies like we do every time.
    I have seen the mustard squeeze bottles at the $ tree also and also saw them at WM..Maybe you could call around first and then would take less time.

  6. Mmmmmm candy ----- hubby


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