Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14, I'm not sure what....

Day 14. It's just one of those days. Those days when one more piece of bad mail comes, where someone says all the wrong things on the phone, where you take two steps forward and three steps back. You know those days, right? And I'm stressing big time over this trip. I'm really not looking forward to driving 15 hours straight, staying one day, and turning around and driving 15 hours home. Please say a quick prayer that we have safe and easy travel, and Mason handles it well. Thank you.

I did manage to get the moose ornaments packaged and boxed up...

I made out almost all of my Christmas cards, just need some stamps. And I'm halfway done with a scarf I'm working on for myself. And here is my little ray of sunshine while I was wrapping things...
Tomorrow is a busy day packing and finishing things up, hopefully it will be a better day.



  1. Hang in there! We have done the LLLLOOONNNGGG driving trip thang too. While not fun, it is doable! Prayers going up for safe travel and a happy baby along the way. He sure is cute!

  2. I hope your day of traveling is your bags and love that little ray of sunshine in the last photo.:)

  3. I know about the long trips and that is a long drive for just 1 day..Have a safe the little ray of sunshine...they do help to keep us going don't they :)

  4. You've been very busy. I'm so impressed with all of the posts you've been able to get out during this holiday season. Mason is adorable...I'll pray that your trip goes well.

  5. Praying that you stay warm and safe on your trip. Mason is so CUTE :)

  6. Praying that your trip is safe and smooth and that little ray of sunshine with brighten the trip with joy!
    I've enjoyed seeing your holiday decorating. It's all so beautiful!!
    Blessings to you~ Birgit

  7. Bless you! What we do for love and Christmas! Safe travels!

  8. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Mason is adorable. Love the bags!!!

    Hang in there, hope today is a better one!



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