Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 17, Sound and Safe...

Day 17, we made it to West Virginia. It is beautiful outside and the snow is lightly falling. We took a southern route and hit New York city around 3 in the morning so there was very little traffic. We are thinking maybe of going into the city on the way home and seeing Macy's. I've always wanted to do that at Christmas time.

The place we are staying at here in W.V. is Oglebay Resort and it is just lovely, with rolling hills and deer everywhere. Here is a view from the house we are staying in.
Here is the great room in the house.
And the fireplace...
I'm taking a quiet break from the family gathering right now to get Mason to sleep, plus after driving all night, I'm wiped out!

More to come tomorrow,



  1. Glad you made it safely. West Virginia looks beautiful. What an amazing view.

  2. I love the place you are staying..very posh and love the view!!!..glad you are safe and sound.;)

  3. I've been to W.V. once and just fell in love with the state, most pretty! Enjoy!


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