Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 18, Oglebay Mansion...

Day 18, and yes I know, I'm late, but it was a busy day. I'll share with you the Olgebay Mansion that is the centerpoint of the resort. I must say I was a bit disappointed in it, a lot of it had been turned into spaces to accommadate weddings and conferences and such. And most of it was not authentic, but it was still fun to go through. Although, some of the Christmas decor was a little less than to be desired.

Here is the outside of the main house..

And here is the "guest house"...
All the following pics are of the main house, and I didn't bother to take any of the modernized parts...

Ok, I don't know what the people who decorated this room were thinking, but REALLY???? It was behind tacky!!!
And just plain bad.
It looked worse in person...
We also toured the festival of lights this evening and the kids had a snowboard lesson. We are headed home tomorrow, so I will try to get post 19 in by the morning.



  1. wow those last 3 photos are something else..ewwwwhhhh is all I can say..I love the kitchen area photos the best..the rest is not my taste..have a safe trip back.;)

  2. I'm with Gina, what were they thinking? Love the kitchen too!

  3. Tiff ~
    I totally agree. What were they thinking???
    Thanks for sharing. Most of it is not my style but I did enjoy the tour.
    Merry Christmas :)

  4. Hope you are home safe and sound.

    Merry Christmas, Janie


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