Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2, Where to Hang Things...

In general, my house is never decorated for Christmas the same way twice. Which can make for very challenging(and long) decorating days because I don't have a system or a specific place for anything. I like it that way. I decorate by the "what feels and looks right for the moment" method.

So for Day 2 of my countdown, I'm sharing how I improvise with things and find places for the things I like, and sometimes, there is just no choice but to hang them.

I pulled my Christmas apron collection out of one of the bottom drawers in the kitchen and decided to display them. My first thought was "where"? A peg rack would be nice. But wall space is limited in my kitchen. However, I have a door! and with a few ornament hooks, Wallah! instant apron display....

And remember that picture from Sturbridge village that I loved with the wood planks hanging above the fireplace? I finally did one in my kitchen. Of course it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted up there. At first I tried all my vintage wood handle utensils, but it looked too busy, so I took them all down. I put up a few baskets for now and I really like it, I just need to hunt down some more to fill it in a bit.

Have a stocking hanging dilemma? I did. We have a lot stockings and not enough room on the fireplace to hang them, plus we USE the fireplace. I made these wool crazy quilt stockings for everyone last year, I wanted to be able to see them and enjoy them and not just see the Christmas morning.
So I took one of a pair of old skis and hung it on the wall in the family room(I had to move some pictures to make room) and hung the stockings from it. Instance warmth to the wall and they fit into the room nicely.
Close up of a few of the stockings....
And Mason says "Hi" from his carseat. We are off to the grocery store.
Have a lovely day,



  1. Dearest Tiff,

    I very much like your ideas for hanging things!

    My husband may not let me come over for a visit are giving me ideas!

    Yours kindredly,
    Honey Hill Farm

  2. Love everything. You are making it hard for me not to be envious...of your home and talents. :)

  3. More clever ideas! Love the stockings on the old ski.

  4. I love the board/pole hanging from the ceiling and I don't think you need any more hanging up there. It looks perfect. And now, I am upset with myself. I got a pair of skis at an auction last summer and 2 pairs of ice skates. Well, I really only wanted the old black pair of ice skates so I gave away the skis and a pair of white ice skates to a stranger. I know I made her happy but boy-oh-boy, would those skis have come in handy today!
    You are inspirational!

  5. I have to come over for tea.....and to drool.....when?

  6. oh I love your ideas on the hanging basket thing..I have one in my craft room..and one I haven't hung up..might need to do that someplace downstairs.:)

  7. I'm still debating on how to display my aprons, love your idea! Your house is lovely, all year round!


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