Monday, February 20, 2012

Chocolate Bunny Mantle...

My fireplace mantle is always a struggle for me, I know the look I want, but I just can't seem to make it work. After leaving it kind of blank for a week or so, I finally came up with a Spring/Easter look that I'm happy with. It's very simple, just a mirror with a wreath on it(I need to lower the wreath to the middle of the mirror still), my five faux chocoloate bunnies(best ever goodwill find last year!), and a mustard/tan berry vine.

Simple and easy and I'm happy with it.

I had a dentist appointment this morning, which I was not looking forward too. I had to get an upper and lower(on the same side) molar repaired...drill out old silver fillings, take away the majority of the tooth, and build up two new teeth. She is great dentist and managed to do all this to avoid the crowns for now. But I was so numb(more than I have ever been), and now that I'm not, the upper tooth is throbbing. I have two more lower molars to get fixed in April and then I will finally be free of the ugly silver molars which now look almost black. I was blessed with soft teeth unfortunately.

I've been in the mood to paint some prim animal pictures, so I'm going to give that a whirl this afternoon. If they come out decent I'll share them with you.

Have a great Monday,



  1. Your mantel looks sweet with all those bunnies. The mirror & wreath may be simple but it's perfect. dentist is never fun. Good you will soon have all repairs finished. I have one tooth left that needs repaired. Been putting it off. Hope your numbness is wore off & all is well. Blessings!

  2. I will be having replacements done tomorrow...thank goodness they are all in a row, so one shot for Novocaine. Soft teeth here as well. Your bunnies look great!!!! Enjoy your week!

  3. Love the mantle! So cute!

    I too have some chocolate bunnys like yours. :) They almost look real enough to eat!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Your mantlelooks perfect! Love those bunnies. Great find!!!

  5. Love the mantle! I went to the dentist today too. I had two fillings replaced on the upper left. I'm so spoiled...I only had 3 fillings in childhood...then nothing until the last year or so. Plus, I have a really small they managed, I don't know! LOL
    Hope your mouth is feeling better!!

  6. Eeekkk, Tiff!
    I hate going to the dentist.

    Your mantel looks awesome.
    Love the faux chocolate bunnies.
    They look good enough to eat!


  7. your bunnies are awesome - I love your mantel.

  8. Your bunnies look adorable on the mantle..Great job..

  9. Love all of your bunnies!! Great idea for your mantel. Take care, Janice

  10. I just helped myself to my 6 year old's valentine candy - I just needed one little morsel of chocolate before bed! Anyway, your post title caught my eye because I am a chocolate lover, and I must say, your bunnies are darling! I love that look! It is a wonderful idea and looks dashingly Peter Rabbitish! What a find for sure!

  11. Love love love those CHOCO BUNNIES!
    What a wonderful thrift store find. You really scored big.
    Hugs Trace


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