Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weigh in Sunday...

I just love this picture from the Walton's Homecoming movie, so I thought I would put it in this post to share with you :)

Now for my WW weigh in, only down 1.1 lbs this week :( Ok, so I shouldn't complain, at least it was a loss. I was really fearing it was going to be a gain as I had a very bad week. My youngest daughter had a sleepover and we had pizza(one too many slices that night, and leftovers the next day) and then we ate out at cracker barrel and with my modest grilled chicken breast I had fried okra and a yummy biscuit. I need to be good this week and do less carbs(ie, no more pizza crust!). The one thing I can't figure out is that instead of WW taking away more points this week, the all of a sudden gave me 6 points! That is 5 more than I started with. Can't figure that one out. I'm going to try and stick with what they were last week and not use the additional ones.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to restart the "makeover Mondays", "Tuesday Treasures", and so on.

Until then...
Have a lovely evening,



  1. Congrats on 1.1 Tiff! That's great!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Hi Tiff, Oh good luck to ya sweetie. I always get cranky when I cut back on my calories... lol. It drives me crazy... aaaah!

  3. Tiff ~
    Congrats on another negative. Losing slowly is much better than dropping too quickly because I think you have a better change of keeping it off. Just MHO!
    Hugs :)

  4. Hey, a pound is a pound!! YIPPEE!

  5. Losing over a # is good, lots of people get
    to where they only lose about 1/2 pound.
    It is all those extra points you can eat on
    the weekend, etc....Keeps you coming and
    paying the dues a lot longer! I think I need
    to join ya on it!



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