Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look Who's Two!!!

My baby boy is TWO today!! On one hand I feel like he was just born yesterday, but on the other it feels like he has always been here. He is definitely one well loved and spoiled(in a good way) little boy.

I made him a birthday outfit for his special day. The pants were made from a old pair of maternity pants that were a super soft thin brown corduroy and the blue is a cotton men's button down shirt. They are totally reversible and super easy to make. If you want the tutorial it is here...

And cute inspiration is here....

Here is the reversible side. If you look at the left of the pants you can see that I incorporated the shirt pocket and it became a back pocket for the pants.
And here is the birthday boy in his new outfit....

My little baby.... 2 hours old.....
And now 2 years old.... time goes by way too fast.

We are having a small family party for him this evening with cupcakes and presents(I hope he likes his new baby doll, every time he sees a real baby, on tv or real life, he asks me for one).

Have a wonderful day,


PS, Thank you for all the comments on the curtains. I'm going to do what some of suggested and leave the short ones up for the rest of the winter and then switch to the longer ones for summer.


  1. I remember when he was born Tiff - and it DOES seem like just yesterday! What a cutie!

  2. Happy Birthday Mason!!!
    Thanks for sharing the link for the pants!

  3. What a cutie, they grow up so fast. I just love the outfit, you are one creative lady. Blessings for a wonderful celebration ~Sara

  4. Has it really been 2 years already, seems like yesterday! Happy Birthday Mason!!

  5. Hey congratulations on your little guys birthday. He looks adorable. I'm so happy that those reversible pants turned out so well for you. Its kind of cute to see a boyish version. I'm pinning it.

  6. How sweet! He looks great in his new duds! I love that your getting him a baby doll. Happy Birthday to a very handsome lad!

  7. Happy Birthday, Mason!
    Tiff ~
    He sure is a cutie. Love the outfit!

  8. What a cutie..
    I love the outfit you made..
    Happy Birthday to your Little Man..

  9. thank you for the comment on my blog. I just read your story of your Nathan. Boy, it brought back memories to me of my son. One thing that was very similar was that you said you were very sick with him, so was I--the worst morning sickness ever. Another is they were practically the same size..the dr thought he measured small for his gestational age and thought he had died only a week before. So, maybe he was more like 15 weeks like your son.Your 2 yr old is so must have been very healing to have him after your loss.

  10. What a little cutie! How they grow up so fast. Enjoy these moments while he is young. Hope he had a great birthday. Take care, Janice


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