Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Debating what to do...

I love wool, the only problem is... it irritates the heck out of me. I don't think I'm allergic to it, but I certainly get a reaction from it...stuffy nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes. I love rug hooked items and have done several myself. I also love penny rugs and wool blankets, again made them myself. Every time I work on something with wool, the same thing happens, so I don't do it for awhile hoping it was just a fluke, but sure enough, same thing again. This latest time was with some wool yarn while I was crocheting a small basket that I planned on felting.

So what do I do? I have been thinking for awhile now about cutting up my wool stash into smaller pieces and selling them in lots by color tones. I have some wool that is already cut into worms too. Plus I have a puritan rug hooking frame and a wool cutter(both not a cheap investment). My heart hates to part with everything, but I know that I am not comfortable working with wool anymore, as much as I like the look of it. I can have it in the house as already made items, it just the process of working with it when the fibers get in the air that is the problem.

I get so excited when I look at rug hooking blogs and want to pull everything out and get going, but in reality(besides the irritation) is just isn't a passion of mine. In fact, I don't really have a passion. I wish I did. I wish I had that "thing" that was mine. But it seems that I learn a craft, succeed at it, and move on. Nothing has captured my attention enough for me to become passionate about it. I'm a dabbler I guess.

Do you think people would buy my stash if I offered here on my blog? I have bags and bags full of wool. Would you sell it in my position? It would help with the move this summer by clearing out and I could tuck the proceeds away into the new house fund. What do you think?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the prim animal paintings I was going to work on the other night, total bust! I just couldn't get down in paint what I had in my head, so frustrating. But maybe another day it will come.

Have a sweet day,



  1. That sure is alot of gorgeous wool Tiff!Im sure it would sell!If I had some extra moola I would definately buy!Have a great night!Hugs michelle

  2. Hey Tiff, I might be interested in the cutter and the frame, if I can afford it. I am just getting ready to start rug hooking. Maybe we can make a deal, if they are the kind I want. I love the look of hooked rugs and I don't have anything hooked, so I am venturing into it. Hop on over to my blog and email me.


  3. That is a lot of wool and too bad it irritates you that way..I think you should sell and I would be interested in buying some from you and I am sure others would too..I know of some blogs that use wools and maybe they would be gladto buy some..I could email you the blog sites..It would also help you out with the move as you said..Have a great night..

  4. Oh definitely you can sell it! I bought some wool from Margie of Hungry Hook a few weeks ago. You have a beautiful stash. I would hate to part with it too.

  5. Well, I know I would CERTAINLY love to have first dibs on the wool cutter !!! I have ben looking around for a used one !!
    And your wool sad to see you part with it...but I would feel better buying some and taking it off your hands for you....does that make us sound like vultures going in for the kill ??? ....but seriously, it is sad if you think you need to get rid of it..:(
    Bird In The Hand Primitives

  6. Since I LOVE WORKING WITH WOOL and depending on the price and my budget at the time, I would be interested in taking some off your hands!!!


  7. I'd be interested in the wool as well. Maybe even the cutter depending on what kind it is. I'm sad for you that wool irritates your eyes and nose so much. You have a beautiful stash.

  8. Do you have a Etsy shop or Ebay account? I know it'll sell on those sites for sure!!

  9. YOu certainly could sell it if that is what you want to do. Have you washed it all first and felted it? Or verified with an allergist. Some people cut their strips in the garage to help with the dust level.
    Good luck

  10. So sad that you may have to part with your wool...I wish I knew how to rug hook..they all look so wonderful! Good luck, Janice

  11. Tiff,
    contact me ... I'd love to know what you have.

  12. Another blogger sent me to you. I have been having issues with wool also, mine is the form of excema. Just went through a course of antibiotics and am still on prednisone for the issues. I too, have lots of wool, but am hoping to hang on to mine and be able to use it in smaller doses. I feel sure that you would have no problem selling it, but maybe you should stay out of it for awhile, then go back into it gradually. At any rate, painting is my first passion, if you need help. Let me know!


  13. I would love to know what you have and maybe I could buy some or all of your wool. My rug hooking studio will be ready to move into soon and I will have more space for more wool...HOORAY.

    Grace to you,


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