Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Sideboard...

Remember the sideboard I told you about? The one I got from Craigslist for $60 !! Well, I finally figured out where to put it. Ideally, I would like it in a dining room with my collection of Wexford Crystal on it, but since the dining room has been turned into my 11yr old's new bedroom it will have to live in the family room for now. It is just perfect as a tv cupboard.
I hate the look of all those electric and cable cords, so I put a basket underneath to contain them. But it wasn't tall enough, thus the books underneath. I'm going to have to find some big older ones that will look better(trip to GW for some vintage encyclopedias maybe), but it works for the moment.
It has a mirror that stretches the whole length of the top, you can just get a glimpse of there on the right next to the Wii.
Of course, moving this in here required a complete, and I mean Complete rearrange of the family room. I moved the location of the tv, the couch, the roll top desk, the hoosier, and the doll house. As soon as I'm done with it all, I'll take some finished pictures.
Have a lovely day,


  1. Love the sideboard!
    I solved a basket height issue with a rag rug that I sort of rolled/folded and put underneath my basket.....and that caught the dust bunnies better than the previous stack of books. ;)

  2. Hi Tiff,
    What a gorgeous piece!
    Looks great where you have it.
    I hate cords showing too but you fixed the situation perfectly.


  3. It is beautiful! You could wrap the books in a piece of quilt or take the books out all together and put a piece of quilt in the top of the basket to hide the cords.


  4. lovely you decorate so nicely.

  5. That is a marvelous find!! Wow! Looks great!

  6. It looks beautiful..I like the idea of the basket underneath..

  7. Morning New Friend
    I love your new treasure. I am a new follower.
    Hugs to you

  8. Lovely find and a great idea with the basket to hold the cords. I might try that one!

  9. Love it...looks like tiger oak from the picture. Take care, Janice

  10. It looks lovely there. Very prim perfect. -Steph-


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