Friday, February 17, 2012

Do you Hear Treasures Calling?

I know I can't be the only this happens to, right? You are driving or at home or anywhere, and all of sudden you get the urge in your head to go to goodwill( or where ever you thrift shop) because you just know there is something there for you? I get this every so often and I'm never disappointed, something special is just there waiting for me:)

Yesterday afternoon I was heading to pick one of my daughters up from play practice at the middle school and while I was driving, I "heard" goodwill calling me, LOL! I've really been trying to avoid that place because I don't need more things, but I couldn't resist this time. So after I picked her up I said we are going to swing by GW and just do a real quick walk through.

Walked by the furniture... nothing, by the linens....nothing, onto the crafts, baskets, and wood...nothing, then... there on the lamp shelf I saw this beauty.....
$4.99 and not a chip or crack in it. I have been collecting(slowly) oil lamps for awhile now but didn't have a pedestal one, so I knew this is what was calling me:) I figured it was a little old because I haven't seen brand new ones like it, but I still have no idea how old it is. I went home and looked for it on the computer. The only one I could find that is exactly like it is on Ebay for $59.99!! Here is a close up.... (it's marked Eagle on the brass part)(anyone know anything about oil lamps?) Oh, and that is ALL I bought, I was a very good girl;)
And I forgot to share with this feather tree I got about a month ago at the same antique store I bought Mason's doll bed from. It's not old(maybe 10 or 15yrs), but for $10 I couldn't pass it up...
It's hard to tell in the picture, but it is almost a lime green color and has some flocking on it. It's perfect as a Valentine or Easter tree.
So, have you heard any treasures calling you?

Have a nice day,



  1. I love your lamp and tree. I have a lamp similar to that but mine is electric. I never have any luck at my thrift stores or good will.


  2. All the time!!!! :)
    Although I haven't posted any lately....was worried my friends were getting tired of me finding all the "good stuff" at the Goodwill. :) Nice lamp....I would guess it was from the late 80's or 90's....I purchased quite to make crafts back has a very similar appearance.

  3. LOL!!
    I hear it too. :)

    Wonderful finds.

    You did good, girly!~


  4. Wonderful finds! Don't you just love thrifting!!!

    Love that feather tree!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Love your oil lamp. I would have had to go home with that too :D

  6. Tiff
    What a steal on your lamp! My MIL gave hers to my daughter and she cherishs it.
    Now if the lights go out, you're all set!

  7. I live near my favorite thrift store and it's always calling my name!! Great finds!!

  8. I love oil lamps too, and that one is very pretty! Good find!

  9. What a great find! It's beautiful. I love thrift stores...I think it is the idea of a treasure never know what will be discovered!

  10. Tiff ~
    What a great deal on the feather tree. I am jealous!!!
    Hugs :)

  11. Oh, Tiff, you found some wonderful treasures! Thanks for sharing :)


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