Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures...

Starting up Tuesday's Treasures again :) All these things I found in the last couple of weeks and I'll put in where I found them and for how much(because I know I love to see the deals people got on their treasures). So are you ready for some pics?.....

I found these two tin pieces at Goodwill and I just love them, they were $1.99 a piece. I now have two tin heart in hand pieces :)

Unfinished step stool( $2.99) and worn wood cutting board($.99) both from Goodwill. The stool is a little wide for my bench stack, but after I paint it I will find someplace good for it. I'm going to paint the cutting board too and use it like a display platter.
Wooden bucket from Goodwill, $2.99. It's not a furkin because the shape is the opposite way. This piece will get used in my daughter's upcoming play as a prop. After that, I may keep it or it may go to the yard sale pile.
Ceramic boy and girl bunnies from Goodwill, $.50 a piece, going to become Chocolate Bunnies, with some prim eggs tucked in their back buckets.
Another stool, from a local antique store, $7.99, higher than I like to pay, but the shape was right and it worked perfectly with my bench stack. It was just stained so I painted it the tan color(which has a hint of mustard in real life).
Small square glass pitcher from another Goodwill(not my local one), $.99, and I found the clover plant at our local nursery and thought it was very cool.

I'm collecting Anchor Hocking Wexford crystal dishes to use on holidays. Here is my latest find....16 goblets and two tumblers from a charity thrift store in the next town... $.40 a piece!!!!
And last but not least, a Spring jacket for me. I was just looking through the catalogs that come in the mail constantly for a lightweight fun coat for Spring but didn't see anything that exciting and I certainly didn't want to spend a fortune. Well look at the beauty I found yesterday at Goodwill for $7.99!! I think it was at Target last year or the year before.
Love the buttons! I hope it washes up well.
So there you have my treasures for this Tuesday :) Tomorrow I will show you one more and you have to guess what it is on "What's It Wednesday".

Have a fabulous day,


Ps, is anyone else having trouble adding or deleting blogs from their bloglist? I want to add some new ones to my side bar and delete some that haven't posted in over a year. But every time I try it just stalls in the "saving" process and never updates.


  1. Great finds. Love the heart in hand tins. That coat is really pretty.

  2. More chocolate bunnies! I am so excited! You make me want to go to the thrift store!! I adore that wooden bucket too!

  3. Great finds!

    Yes, blogger had totally messed up the blog list thing. It's all over the forums and has been for months. I acdently deleted the gadget off my blog and now I can't get everyone back on. :( I try EVERYDAY but only get one added about 1 of of 50 tries. :( Go complain on the blogger forum and add yourself to the list of complainers so MAYBE blogger will do something to fix it!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. What awesome finds! You really scored some goodies! I have been having trouble adding/deleting blogs also. After several failed attempts, I gave up and I don't know what to do either. Thanks for sharing your treasures. Enjoy your day!

  5. Awesome finds, Tiff.
    Especially love those cookie cutters.
    Yes, I have had the same problem for over a month now.
    It wont allow me to add any new blogs to my blog roll.
    They show up in my google reader, which I never use, but I cant update my blog roll.



  6. Amazing finds! Those bunnies are going to be so cute paint with their prim eggs! I juat love everything you found, I need a Goodwill like that!

  7. Awesome finds!! Sounds like a great shopping trip.Smiles ~Sara

  8. I enjoy seeing other's good finds....almost as much as I like finding them for myself. ;)
    I heard Blogger will remove all links that are not theres in March, not sure if it is true, but could be they are already making some adjustments....just a thought.
    I also bookmarked all the blogs I follow that are not Blogspot....just in case.

  9. Hi Tiff, You sure have some awesome finds there. I went to my local Salvation Army thinking I would find a million great treasures and was appauled at the high prices and particle board furniture. I have entertained the thought of rug hooking and I have read everywhere to get skirts and blazers from Goodwill or Salvation Army and felt them yourself for next to nothing. The cheapest wool garment I found was a size 6 pencil skirt for $8. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I never went back.

  10. Will you be painting these bunnies too! Awesome finds...wish there was a goodwill store near me. Take care, Janice

  11. LOVE the finds! I love the jacket! And I totally need to know where you got the purple oxalis plant. I had one a long time ago (it died-oops) and I have been looking for one lately. I have been way behind on blog reading, so I need to catch up on all your other posts too. Hope you are doing great.

  12. Love your finds!! You made out...especially with the cookie cutters. I'm having the same blog problem. It's been happening for about a month or so. I had a whole slew of new followers during my last giveaway and I can't add anyone to the blog list. I've tried everything...
    I hope I don't lose my whole list when they do whatever it is they are planning.

  13. Tiff, I am always so impressed with your thrifting finds. Today, at the Scarborough GW, displayed was the sweater to match your new raincoat, it appeared to be brand new...Also at Target, in the $1.00 bin section, white bunnies and birds...just thought of you..Snow day tomorrow! Julie.


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