Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'll Let You Know...

Thought this was too funny on pinterest....

Thank you all for the feedback on my last post. I'm almost certain I'm going to sell it all. It will take me a bit to sort it all out and then I will either list it on my blog or on etsy. I emailed most of you back, but some of you have "no reply" emails when you leave a comment so I can never write back, sorry. So stay tuned for announcements.

It's winter break here, so I've been busy with the family and I've also been working on some pinterest projects that I'll share with you this upcoming week. I found some treasures today when we were out and about and I'll share those too.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend,


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  1. i never saw anything like THAT at the thrift store and i go often too....saw your comment on busy thimble..i too live in southern maine, south portland though...where are you?


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