Friday, February 10, 2012

We've Been Hit with something nasty...

Ugh, where to begin? Well I took these three pictures yesterday to show you what I'm working on, no, I can't just do one thing at a time :) The first one you may remember from almost two years ago. I started this fabric hand silhouette after Mason was born and never finished it. I recently discovered it again and worked on it last night, I'm almost done blanket stitching the hands on and then I need to decide whether I'm going to put their names on it or just the date.
On a whim a few days ago I started crocheting a rug. It's out of a thick natural cotton and will make a nice bathroom or kitchen rug because it washes so well. It's going to be quite big, this is after 4 balls, and I have 7 more to add(all free from my mom).
Again, another whim, or should I say pinterest inspired need, I'm making a felted wool sweater quilt for the guest room bed. I have all the wool cut, just need to find the time to sew.
And I'm still working on the cross stitch goat silhouette, LOL!!

But this weekend I am going to take things easy. Last week, my youngest daughter brought home a nasty cough, which is still lingering with her. Then two days ago, my 11 yr old son was throwing up all night(that was the worst mess I have cleaned up in my 18 years of being a mom!). Then my 8 yr old son got a fever last night with a cough. I went to bed and battled nausea until around 2:30 am when I was woken up by my 5 yr old throwing up. I started to clean it up and threw up myself. Luckily hubby has a strong stomach and cleaned it up. I was then up the rest of the night with a sick and throwing up little boy with myself making half hourly runs to the bathroom(we won't go into that detail). Needless to say, we all camped out on the couch all this morning and early afternoon. I haven't been able to keep anything down and I feel miserable. The only reason I'm posting is because I can't sleep anymore and I'm achy from laying down. Lets hope this bug leaves us as quickly as it hit us and I pray that Mason doesn't get it. But I'm afraid he is next in line because he won't stop kissing my face and saying "mommy sick, mommy sick".

And hubby, if you read this, bring dinner home because I'm not cooking.

Stay well my friends,



  1. Hope you feel better soon Tiff <3

  2. Tiff ~
    I hope everyone gets well in a big hurry and Mason doesn't get it!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hope you are all well soon Tiff,hope the little one doesn't get it .
    Love and hugs.Lou xx ps the sickness bug is doing the rounds over here in the U.K

  4. I *hate* puking sicknesses! I hope and pray that you'll be over this as quickly as it came. Spring is right around the corner and then we can air out our houses and enjoy the clean feeling of an aired out house! Beautiful projects, BTW, makes me feel a little unmotivated. :)

  5. Tiff, I do hope you and your children are well soon, nothing like being down and out. Look to the bright side, I do believe you will lose weight this week! Get well soon, Julie.

  6. Hope you all feel better soon..

  7. Hope you all feel better soon!
    I Love the rug you are crocheting. i never seen anything like this. it will be beautiful when it's done.

  8. Oh, poor you! I remember those days of the tummy bugs and a little one waking up and NOT making it to the bathroom in time. Not fun. I remember once my son and I both had it, camped out in the same bed at my in-laws and at one point we were both just laying on the bathroom floor.

    Yet, just like a Mom, you're carrying on and crafting!! I like all of your projects!
    Wishing you and your family a speedy recovery!
    I'd hug you...but...

  9. Ewwww...yuck! I hate that kinda being sick! And double yuck that the kiddie have it! Hope you make a speedy recovery.

    Have a great day.


  10. ughh is right - hope it's gone by now - can't believe with all that what you get done in the crafting world!

  11. I have so many unfinished projects that I cannot even remember them all...Hope you can finish yours! take care, Janice


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